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Environmental Direct Action Forum and Film Screening

  • William Raggio Education Building Reno, Nevada 89557 (map)

Film, Forum, & Fundraiser - Wednesday February 8 - 5:30pm
William Raggio Building, rm 2030
All Ages - FREE to attend with suggested donation, proceeds will benefit the#shutitdown legal fund and the Environmental Club

As we enter into a new era of direct action and civil disobedience, and as we push onward into a future of worsening climate consequences, we would like to spend some time discussing direct action and our relationship with our environment. 

We are lucky to be hosting the Valve Turners on their first stop in their tour across the country as they travel to bring awareness to their story and to the issues surrounding fossil fuels. Who are the Valve Turners? A group of record breaking climate activists that are committed to spreading the message of how direct action can empower any citizen to demand influence of our climate future. On October 11th 2016, these 5 brave climate organizers turned the emergency shut-off valves on the 5 pipelines that carry oil from the Canadian tar sands into the United States. It was an unprecedented act of non-violent direct action that shut down 15% of US crude oil imports for nearly a day.

Now, “Valve Turners” face Felony charges with sentences of up to 95 years in prison. They are currently traveling to spread awareness of the reasoning behind their mission, and their first stop is in Reno to bring their story to us. We are so very excited to host them! 

Hear Emily, Michael, Annette, Leonard, and Ken discuss why they felt morally compelled to take non-violent direct action. Their discussion will be accompanied by a screening of Do The Math, a mini-documentary focusing on the issues at stake regarding the fossil fuel industry and our planet. 

This is a free event aimed at building discussion. There is a suggested donation, proceeds will benefit the #shutitdown legal fund and the Environmental Club